Last weekend I went to the Veluwe in the Netherlands with a friend. This is a national nature park and omg it is so pretty! I never knew my own country is this beautiful and recently I’m loving it to discover a lot of new places.

The veluwe is a really big national park but if you want to go there you have to pay 18 euros. That’s worth it if you’re gonna spend a whole day there but we just wanted to make a little walk with the doggie we were looking after. The guy from the park told us a little spot where we could park the car. We didn’t have to pay there and the dog could run free! It was near by the camping; de wije werelt. When we walked to the forest we saw the camping and they had the cutest houses you can rent. Definitely going to stay there one time for a weekend!

We made a little walk in the forest with the prettiest sunlight between the trees and little red mushrooms. It was kinda magical! After a couple minutes we came by a lot of sand. This was very beautiful and so relaxing. The dog was going wild, running and digging in the sand. I think he had the best time of his life haha! We made a couple pictures and just enjoyed the beautiful nature. I realized how much I love doing stuff like this. The nature makes me so calm and after a busy work week that’s the only thing I need! After a while we went home. For me this is just the perfect relaxed Sunday!

What did you do last weekend and do you have something that makes you relaxed? Do you already know you can subscribe to my blog?! I hoped you liked it and see you soon sweettiess!

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