It’s the time of the year when the sun goes down earlier, leaves are falling of the trees, it gets colder and a lot of rainy days. The time of the year I love and hate at the same time. On a beautiful autumnal day, that means for me, a beautiful sunshine through all the leaves that have the prettiest colors. I love to make a nature walk and wearing sweaters. But when it’s a rainy day I hate autumn because then I miss the sun and all the fun things I did in the summer. And what I hate the most is the cold, I never get used to it! I know I have to deal with it but what makes it better is all the winter clothes. I always loved a good sweater but this year I’m literally obsessed with it! I only want to wear sweaters now, they’re just soooo cosy!

Last weekend I went for a little shopping day and I bought a new red sweater at the shop Only. It’s the perfect autumn sweater. If you want to buy it, click here. After my little shop I just had the best cosy day ever. Home made pizza, candles, fairly lights, chocolate fondue and Netflix. What do you want more?! This makes me so happy! What do you like to do on a autumnal day?!

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