Hello sweeties, if you know me, you will know I’m addicted to Instagram. I love this social media platform because you can see everyones creative sides and just some bits and bops from there life. I take Instagram very seriously because it’s a way to get more views for my blog. I try to post two times a day because you get more followers if you post often and that’s what we all want, more followers! I also use a lot of hashtags so people can find my pictures. My Instagram is still not how I really want it but I’m slowly getting there.

Now I’m going to talk about my favorite instagram accounts;
1. Amberfillerup; she is a blogger and mommy of two adorable kids. I love her Instagram page because they take the prettiest and cutest pictures of there family. You just have to go look and then you will understand it!
2. Ohhcouture; this is a Instagram page I recently discovered but I love it! She travels the world and makes the prettiest photographs. I wish my Instagram was like this! I also love her fashion style!
3. Zoella, I like her Instagram page because I love everything she does. I love her cute photographs and of course her adorable dog Nala.
4. Freddy, her pages is based on pink and white photo’s. I’m obsessed with the theme, I think it’s adorable!
5. Lizletchford, I think she deserves more followers because her Instagram is on fleek. She uses a lot of different colors but it still looks organized. You just have to look and you will understand what I mean. It’s just so pretty!

These are my favorite top 5 Instagram accounts. I hope one day I have a Instagram account like that! What are your favorite Instagram accounts? Please let me know!

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