Hello sweeties, I’m going to try to post a blogpost three times a week. So today I’m posting what I ate Monday (actually what I ate Friday, but I’m posting it on Monday). So come and have a look at what I ate.

I started the day with a chocolate custard with 0% fat and a glass of water. This is my everyday breakfast! The healthiest way is to eat yoghurt but I really don’t like that so my “healthy coach” recommend this instead.

About 10 am I ate my snack. This was also a healthy choice. Just a simple apple and banana. Yummm!

My lunch was everything but healthy haha! I ate lunch with Eva at a restaurant Luna in Sittard. It’s just the cutest restaurant with delicious food! I started with a freaking Oreo coffee, ugh it was so good!! After that I ate a hamburger with some fries. So delicious but waaaaaay to much! I was full after that!

My dinner was about 7 pm and I wasn’t hungry at all because I ate so much at my lunch. So I ate tomato soup with bread. Just simple and enough for me. For the rest of the day I didn’t eat anything because I was so full. Normally I also ate a snack about 4 pm and after diner at 8/9 pm. But today was a little different!

I hoped you liked this little blogpost about what I ate! See you soon on Wednesday!

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