I’m really craving to travel but I can’t because I have to work. But I’m going over two weeks to London, that’s just for one day! For now I’m going to write down the places I really want to visited in my life. So here comes my travel bucketlist.

◦ California

◦ Miami

◦ Florida

◦ New York

◦ Zakynthos (Greece)

◦ Santorini (Greece)

◦ South- Africa

◦ Thailand

◦ Bora bora

◦ Malidives

◦ Australia

◦ New zeeland

◦ Toronto (Canada)

◦ Puerto Rico

◦ Brazil

◦ Want to go back to Mexico

I think I’m stopping here because these are already way to much places haha. So that’s why I need to work now so I can save a lot of money for traveling. Which places have you been and would you recommend to me? Please let me know!

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