If you live in Europe and you want to visit a Christmas market than I would recommend Düsseldorf. This was the second time I went and it was still so much fun. I have to admit that It was too busy sometimes but that didn’t make it less fun! They have a lot of cute stalls with Christmas decorations and delicious food! The one thing you have to eat in Germany is a bratwurst or a curry sausage. I like the bratwurst the most.

Düsseldorf has also a lot of nice shops. From the normal h&m and Zara to Prada. So everybody can shop there! They also have a lot of warehouses. They are also just so much fun to wander around. Just the whole city is so much fun if you love shopping! You can definitely find all your Christmas presents here! Have you ever been to a Christmas market? Yes? Where have you been?!

I made a little vlog from my trip to Düsseldorf, so click here if you want to experience the Christmas market. I hoped you liked it and see you tomorrow!

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