Imagine you are on the sofa with your friends or family. Laying under the blanket, the fire is on, candles are twinkling, you have a hot chocolate or coffee with whipped cream and some marshmallows, some snacks and what is missing? Yess a Christmas movie. This time of the year is the best to watch some movies. I absolutely love Christmas films because they’re just so sweet and cute. It also makes me feel soooooo christmassy!

The last month, yes month.. I watch a lot of Christmas movies on Netflix. So I thought it would be nice to share my favorite ones! So get ready for my list!

1. The grinch, this is just my favorite because I watched it when I was little. So it makes me feel so christmassy and takes me back to my childhood.

2. Angels in the snow, this one I saw on Netflix and didn’t know what to expect. It was just such a cute and beautiful Christmas story. And the ending is just the best!

3. A Christmas prince, this is just a classic Christmas movie but I bloody love it!

4. The spirit of Christmas, this one I loved. They’re all kind of the same but also so different. It gets me just so festive.

5. Every Christmas has a story, all of these movies I saw on Netflix and I love them. You have to check out all Christmas movies on Netflix. They’re just the best!

These are my favorite Christmas movies for now, but I will watch some more. If you have any recommendations please let me know! Wish you all a very merry Christmas and a lots of fun movie time!

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