On friday the 8th of december I went to the christmas market in Maastricht with my friend Eva. I decided to vlog that weekend because I plannend a lot of fun stuff and I wanted to practice vlogging. I still find it way toooo scary to upload them but I love to watch them back because it’s just fun to look back at your memories. Maybe one day I dare to upload a vlog but for now i’m posting videos without talking!

On thursday night Eva came for a sleepover. We watched a dutch television program; Expeditie Robinson. I love that show and every year i’m all in it. We watched that and talked a lot of course. You know how girls are .. haha. Friday morning we started with some croissants, yumm! We did our makeup and we were ready to go! We sang a lot of christmas music in the car. We’re just feeling the christmas spirit this year.

We started with a little bit of shopping in Maastricht because we both had to some christmas shopping. When we were done we went to the christmas market. It was just so cute with all the lights and decorations. We made a lot of cute pictures for instagram and for my blog. It was just such a fun day.

Oh and before I end this blog I have to write one thing down that was way to funny, sorry eva haha. We decided to eat some fries before we went home. We got our fries but then it started snowing/ raining so we walked to the ice skating place. We had to walk a little stair and then it happened… BAMM Eva fell down on the floor. The fries flew everywhere and the mayo ended on me. First I was worried if everything was okay but when I knew everything was okay I had to laugh so hard. It was just the funniest and clumsiest action ever haha. Sorry Eva but I still have to laugh when I think about it.

After that we went back home because we were tired and cold. It was just the best day and I loved every moment of it! Can’t wait to go to London on the 16th of December. So excited about that. Did you already visited a Christmas market? Yes? Which one? And did you like it?

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