Today is a blogpost that I’m writing with so much joy. I went to London with my boyfriend last weekend. This was the real first little trip we made. I was so excited about that. We went just for one day, sadly! But definitely worth it.

On Friday night about 11 pm the bus journey to England started. We had to sleep in the bus and on the boat. It was a drive from 9 hours. We both didn’t sleep that much, so we already knew that we would be tired. About 7.30 am we arrived in London. The sun was rising when we got out of the bus and we just had the prettiest view on the London eye. I knew this would be great day. I planned our trip a little bit so that we knew what to do and where to go! We started with a big walk to the Tower bridge. We decided to walk over there because then we could see the city a little bit. I really enjoyed it. This was my second time in London but I never went to the Tower Bridge. It was so beautiful to walk over there. The sun was shining so bright and it was just perfect. After a little photoshoot we had a break at Starbucks because we were a little bit tired from the walk. After that we had to walk back to Hyde Park. Here was Winter Wonderland.

When we arrived at the winter wonderland we were already pretty exhausted and we both were so cold. But when I saw this cute Christmas park, I knew it was worth it. They had a lot of attractions, games and food stalls. Christmas music on in the background and it made me so christmassy and happy! We walked threw this beautiful park and after we went to Mc Donald’s because we were so hungry and cold! We sat there about 1 hour because we really had to warm up.

After our food we went to Oxford street and WOW it looked beautiful. The Christmas lights made it so pretty and festive. I don’t know why that makes me so happy, but it does! We walked in and out some shops and enjoyed all the shops. I bought two things from Zoella, of course I couldn’t resist it! After a while we went to Piccadilly Circus and then back to our bus. We were so tired! But it was such a fun day and I really enjoyed the Christmas experience. I can’t wait to make more memories like this with Matthijs! I made a little video from our trip, click here, I hope you enjoyed it!

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