Yes it’s really winter now, nobody can’t deny that. In those cold winter days your skin has much to suffer. Do you have dry skin just as me and tried many moisturizers but nothing helps?! Than I can help you now!

So as I said I tried many moisturizers and I had one from Clinique that I liked but after one year of using them it didn’t moisturized as much as it did before. So I went on YouTube and search for “moisturizer dry skin”. I immediately saw that many YouTubers liked the moisturizer from Kiehls.

The ultra facial deep moisture balm from Kiehls claims this on the website;

– Supremely moisturize and wrap your skin in our ultimate hydration blanket with the gentle comfort of Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm.
– This rich and creamy balm is formulated with the iconic Ultra Facial Ingredients of Antarcticine and a high level of Glycerin to store and retain moisture.
– Additionally our formula with Edelweiss flower extract, known to thrive in the high altitudes of the Swiss Alps, helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier function to lock in hydration.
– Ultra Facial Balm melts onto skin leaving it instantly more comfortable, softer, and soothed. Formulated and tested to moisturize dry to very dry skin in even the driest climates.
– 24 Hour Hydration. Fragrance Free. Paraben Free. Silicone Free.

What do I think about it?! Omg I LOVE it! This is the best moisturizer I ever used. It feels so soft and smooth on my skin. I can’t explain how nice it feels. Every time I apply it, it feels like I went to the spa or something like that. I have to be honest when I saw the price for the first time I was shocked. It’s 59 euros.. but now I think it’s definitely worth the price. It’s the biggest jar ever and you just needs the tiniest bit on your face. So this jar will last you for a very long time. It also feels very luxurious. So if you have tried many moisturizers and they didn’t help than I would really recommend it!

I hoped you liked this and let me know if you have tried this moisturizer. See you soon sweetties!

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