Hello wanderers, lately I have been thinking what I could do with my blog. I asked you on instagram what you wanted to see; travel or makeup. Almost everyone voted for travel. I was happy about that because I already had this idea in mind but didn’t know if people would like it. Welcome to this new serie; Travel Monday. I’m going to post every Monday a blogpost about my travel experiences. I will tell you about my trip to Mexico in 2016, my trip to America and Canada in 2017, my City trips to London and Paris and of course some trips that I’m going to make in the future!

This week we starting with my Mexico, because it’s still my favourite vacation. I went with one of my best friend Esmee in november 2016. I have to be honest with you.. Before this vacation I didn’t know how Mexico looked like. At the first place we wanted to go to Curacao. We went to some travel organisation and asked for some information. Very soon we already knew it was way to expensive for our budget and they said it was dangerous for us to go alone (as girls). That ment we only could stay at out our hotel and we didn’t want to pay more than 2000 euro’s for laying on the beach. So we asked them what would you recommend us. The immediately said Mexico. When I saw the picture I fell in love and knew I wanted to go! Esmee was first a little bit nervous because of the drugs story about Mexico. We asked the lady if it was dangerous and she said in the place were we went, it wasn’t.

We went to Playa del Carmen, 60 minutes from Cancun. We stayed for 12 days at the Viva Wyndham Maya Hotel. Definitely would recommend it if you are looking for a hotel in Mexico. Let me tell you why! It was such a big, beautiful hotel. Nice rooms and three restaurants to eat. It also was all inclusieve. That was something I never had but I liked it for sure! The best thing about the hotel was for me the people who worked there. Everyone was so nice and happy. They had the best animation team, some of them became definitely one of our friends. Every night they had a dance show, and I hear you thinking.. “The animation show at hotels are always horrible and boring”. But NO! They were the best in dancing and even could do some acrobatic skills. We watched every night the show, it was just such a nice thing. They also had a lot of fun activities threw the day. Not for kids but for adults, That made it so much fun (the kids could go to the kids room/part). Also they had the nicest swimming pool with a nice bar where you can drink your cocktail. And if you don’t like cocktails as me, you can order a mocktail (that’s without the alcohol). If you bored at the swimming pool, you just walk less then one minut and you already at the beach. I bloody LOVED the beach. The palmtrees, white sand and the beautiful see.

I totally fell in love with this beautiful place. I can’t wait to go back one day! It just feels like home. Next week I will tell you something about the night life in Playa del Carmen. It soooo different with going out in the Netherlands, MUCH BETTER!! Have you ever been to Mexico? What did you think about it?! Hoped you like it and see you next week!

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