Hello wanderers, and welcome to Travel Monday week 2. I’m still so excited about this serie and I think it is one of my favourite, because I love travelling. This week I will tell you something about the night life at Playa del carmen.

For the people who don’t know I always was that girl that didn’t like clubbing. But when I’m on vacation I’m always in for a party. And let me tell you, the Mexican people can party! The first time we went clubbing was to a big club called; Coco Bongo. You could pay your ticket at the hotel and they bring you with a bus to the club. We payed about 60 dollars. At the first place I though; Wauw that’s expensive, but it’s the entree and free drinks for the whole night. They also had some great dance shows. The people can dance there, damm! I LOVED the latin vibes. The club had three floors. Never saw a club liked that, so high! Our hotel booked a part of the top floor. It was such a cool experience to be so high and saw everybody dancing and having the time of there lives. The show was also included with some trapeze stunts. We had the best view, on the third floor. At the end of night they were a lot of big balloons and some lights to hold. It was just so crazy. One of the best nights of my life!

We only went two times clubbing, wish I went more. The second time we went to a smaller club (don’t know the name anymore) and we had to pay 30 dollars for whole night free drinking and entree. We went on our last night of our vacation. Esmee didn’t want to go ad first but with a lot of asking and bagging (with some help from the animation team) she said last minute YES. We had to make us ready in 10 mins and run back to the lobby. Just on time we could jump in the taxi. This club was more like clubbing and dancing. Liked this a lot more because we could dance more. They played the nicest music and we just had the best last night evaaa. About 5 pm we went back.. maybe a little bit late but we didn’t want it to end. One good thing we were tired in the airplane, so we could sleep a little haha!

I definitie would recommend going out in Playa del Carmen, even if you don’t like it! It’s just such a nice experience and I will promise you. You will have the night of your life! I hoped you liked it and see you next week with some more great stories about Mexico.

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