Welcome to this first Fashion Friday edition. Two weeks ago I made some pictures with my friend Michelle. I got so much compliments about this two outfits on my Instagram that I though it would be nice  to share this on my blog.

The first outfit has a little bit of a fun story behind it. I wanted to wear a big oversized white sweater but I didn’t own one.. BUT then I saw this white sweater from my mom and she has a bigger size. So I tried it and omg it looked very cute! It was a little bit too long for me, but I tucked it in my skirt so you couldn’t see that. The skirt that I was wearing I bought a couple a years ago at Zara, but I still love it.  A changed the look a little bit with a polka dot tight. Really loving to wear something different then “normal’. The shoes that I was wearing are from a dutch store; Sacha Shoes. I absolutely obsessed with them!

The second outfit wasn’t a little bit cosier and warmer. I just had a ripped denim jeans from H&M, this on I also bought a couple years ago. I love this one because it’s also high waist. The sweater I got from Primark and it costed only 6 euro’s. So cheap and cosy!

I hope you loved this blogpost and let me know what you think about. Tomorrow I’m going to Amsterdam with Lisanne. So get ready for some nice pictures on my instagram. Want to wish you all a very happy and fun weekend and see you Monday!

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