Do you love making photographs or do you want to have a beautiful Instagram feed? Then I can help you now. I share my favorite apps for editing pictures on your phone. Keep on reading if you want to known more! 

Before I started I want to say my favorite tool to edited my pictures is Lightroom because I love making photographs with my Nikon camera but when I make photographs with my iPhone I like to edited them on my phone. These are my top three apps:

– Snapseed
– Retrica

VSCO is definitely my fave because it has just the prettiest filters. This app is free but you can pay 25 dollar for one year for all the “filters”. That’s why I did. My favorite filters are:
1) HB1, payed
2) HB2, payed
2) A6, free
3) E5, payed

                              BEFORE                                                                                               AFTER HB1


                              BEFORE                                                                                               AFTER HB2


                              BEFORE                                                                                               AFTER A6


                              BEFORE                                                                                               AFTER E5


SNAPSEED is the perfect app if you want to really edited your pictures. So adjust the brightness , contrast etc. The best thing about this app that’s all free. What I like the most about this app is that you can choose the tool “selective” and tap on a place on your picture and you can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and structure on a little space from your picture. So if your face is to dark you can adjust the brightness on your face and not the whole picture! And what I also like is the tool “portrait” for brightening your eyes and smoothing your skin. I only use this with makeup pictures. 

I also love to make black and white selfies with Retrica, because you can already see the effect before and not after. I just get better selfies that way then editing them after I took them. I also like the effect “tanned”. That one just look very natural but just a little bit more tanned. So if you u see a selfie on my Instagram I probably took it with this Retrica app and this one is also free! 

These are my favorite apps for editing my pictures on my phone. Do you already use one of them? What’s your favorite app to edit? Please let me know in the comments and see you soon sweetties! 

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