My boyfriend picked out an outfit for me

When you want to buy some different style clothing just let someone else pick your outfit. This can be your friend, mom or just a girl or guy at the clothing shop. Last Saturday I went shopping with my boyfriend in Arnhem. I’m lucky that he loves fashion, so that’s why helped me choosing a new outfit.

We started at the shop “Men at work”. A shop where I normally didn’t walk into but when we did I saw a lot of cool brands. He picked out some really nice stuff from Adidas and Ellesse. Not all the things fitted me but I admittedly fell in love with the green Adidas sweater. I also really liked a t-shirt from Ellesse but I couldn’t buy both so I chose for the Adidas sweater because I liked that one a little bit more.

After that we walked into a lot of shoe shops. We looked at some cool Puma’s, Nikes and Adidas. But it just wasn’t it yet. Then Matthijs gets babes some shoes from the brand Fila. I didn’t know that brand and I really needed to get used to this style. I also didn’t like the color from the shoe but then we saw a white Fila sneaker and I admittedly liked it. The best from these shoes is that they’re the comfiest sneakers ever! So if you want some comfy and cool sneakers, definitely check out the Fila sneakers.

The pants that I’m wearing on the picture I bought at the shop “Only”. This one I choose because I just needed a black pants that wasn’t ripped. This pants is also high waist. I really liked that because it’s comfy and fist very nice. I hoped you liked and do you think that my boyfriend needs to pick out more outfits for me? Let me know in the comments. See you soon fashion lovers!

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