HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE SWEETEST GUY ON THE WORLD, and I’m happy to call you mine! I wish I could be with you today and celebrate your birthday. Luckily we did that already last weekend and it was so much. My love grows everyday for you. I hope you have a nice day and see you soon!

I just wanted to make this little blogpost because I want to share the things that are important in my life and he is definitely one of them. I can’t be with him today because I have to work and we live to far from each other. That’s a real down side from a long distance relationship. BUT we celebrated it last weekend. We had a fun party with all his friends and even my friend Esmee came. That made me also really happy! Esmee and I decorated the room in a fun black and white theme. It looked very cute and it was such a nice evening. The Sunday we didn’t do that much but just hang out with each other and enjoyed the sun. After such a great weekend with each other I really miss him already and can’t wait to see him again Saturday night. I hoped you liked this little blogpost and see you Friday again!

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