Hello travel babes, it’s been two weeks without a travel Monday because I wanted to start my story about Canada and America with some blogpost already written down. So I don’t have a break in my story. So get ready for some great blogpost about America and Canada in the few weeks. Today I’m going to start to tell why and where I booked my trip. 

Let me start with telling you that I booked this trip alone because I really wanted to travel to America but nobody from my friends could go with me. They hadn’t the money or they already had something different planned but I didn’t let ruin my travel dreams. So I decided to go by myself with a group of people I didn’t know. I did a lot of research and I found a really nice Dutch travel organisation for younger people. It’s called “Simi Reizen”. You can book a lot of trips by yourself or even with your friend. 

I booked the road trip through America and Canada for two weeks for about 2000 euro’s. I know it’s a lot of money but it’s definitely worth it. I went in July 2017.  The age from our group was from 18 to 35. We were with 20 people, included our travel guide. Before I went on this trip I was very nervous because I didn’t know this group of people but we had an WhatsApp group were we talked a lot. We also met twice before we went on the real trip. That was very nice because everyone booked this trip alone and it’s just nice to know the people a little bit before you go. 

Also a fun thing to know is that we all drove by cars and not with a tourbus. We had 5 cars and we could choose in which car we wanted to drive. Mostly it was everyday the same people in the same car. I really liked that because we had a lot of freedom because of that. We had some spots where we had to stop with the whole group but in between those spots you could do whatever you wanted. You only had to make it on time. This was definitely a big plus for me! 

I also was very happy and lucky to meet one of my best friends now; Lisanne. In those two meet ups, we already new we are going to be friends. But I never though I would get so close to her, so quickly. Because of her this trip was even more fun. We sang, danced and laughed way to much in those long car drives. I’m happy now that I have a new best friend and I great story behind our friendship! Next week I’m going to tell more about the trips and which places we visited. I wanted to share this first because a lot people ask me where I booked my trip and stuff like that. So I hope you liked it and see you next week with some real travel story’s! 

Have a look at my video that I made from my trip through America and Canada, click here.

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