HELL YEAAAH, It’s finally friday! I never looked forward to the weekend then now because it’s so sunny and I just want to enjoy this beautiful weather because it’s gone before you now it. The sun makes me so happy I though it would be a nice to make a list about what makes me happy. Are you ready for it?!

  • The sun of course. I just love summer way to much and my dream is to live at the beach because that makes me so calm and happy.
  • My boyfriend
  • My family and friends
  • Traveling
  • Photography
  • Shopping, of course!
  • Cute animals
  • Kids
  • Makeup
  • Doing fun things like going to the cinema, to the zoo, going for a diner and much more
  • Festivals
  • Watching old photo’s and videos, is just so much fun and makes me so happy.
  • Gymnastics, dancing

These are the most important things that makes me happy. Do you also have a list from the things that makes you happy? If you have, please send me your link to your blog! I just want to wish you a very nice and sunny weekend. Tonight I’m going eat diner a Greece restaurant. Saturday I’m going shopping with my mommy in Maastricht and Sunday I’m going make some photographs and going to a party. So a lot of things that make me happy! What are your plans?

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