HAPPY KINGSDAY DUTCHIESS! Today we’re celebrating kingsday in Holland. Are you going to a festival or are you staying home just like me? I have just a relax day so far. Really needed that! Today I’m back with another Fashion Friday. If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know what kind of post it’s going to be. It’s going to be a budget proof summer look!

The summer is slowly coming and that makes me very happy although the weather is pretty sh*t right now. Last week the sun was shining and it just felt like summer. That meant for me that I could finally wore dresses. This beautiful flowery dress I bought a couple weeks ago at Primark. It only costs 13 euro’s, you can find it here. It’s so light weight and very soft. Definitely a new favorite summer dress and I really want to get more flowery dresses like that. They’re so comfy. Also the shoes that I wore that day were from Primark, you can find it here. Normally I don’t like the shoes from Primark because then can look and feel cheap but with this cute heels it’s different. They’re very comfy for heals and doesn’t look cheap at all. So very happy with this cute girly budget look. Do you like to shop at Primark?

I hoped you liked this Budget Proof Fashion Friday. Did you also see my Fashion Friday where my boyfriend picks out mine outfit? You can find it here. I want to wish you a very happy and fun weekend. See you Monday with a new Travel Monday.

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