Hello summer babes, are you loving this summery weather? I do!! Or did.. because I haven’t been feeling well. So I only could enjoy the weather last weekend! But I enjoyed it for every moment. Today will be the last sunny/ warm day, so I hope you enjoy it!

Before I start this blog I want to say that I made a vlog about last weekend. Yes, you read it right! I finally did it. Yesterday went the vlog online, when I published my vlog I was shitting in my pants, but now I’m so happy because I got so many sweet messages. I want to thank you all and if you didn’t see my first vlog, you can find it here.

Last Sunday I went on a cute romantic picnic with my boyfriend Matthijs. It has been a while since we did something romantic, so I was very excited to spend some time together. I went to the grocery store and bought some fruits, pastas and bread. I prepared the food and I did it in the picnic basket that I borrowed from my mom. Isn’t that cute? My mom bought this picnic basket last year at a Dutch store; Xenos.

We had the perfect Sunday night and I enjoyed the sunset and his company. I feel very lucky to have a boyfriend where I can have really romantic nights with but also doing a lot of fun stuff. It sounds cliche but he is just my lover and best friend! I hoped you liked this blogpost and see you Friday with a fashion Friday!

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