I always have been a girl that loves two styles. I have a very girly side, that loves dresses en skirts but I also really love the “street style”. I’m happy my boyfriend also loves fashion because of that I can borrow his clothes hihi! This Supreme t-shirt I borrowed from him and I think it’s looks very nice.

I hear you thinking; so are you wearing men’s clothes? Yes I do and I think it looks very cool. It’s definitely oversized for me but I rolled up the sleeves and I tucked the t-shirt into my high waisted jeans, because of that it looks very girly. So know you this, you can always walk into the men’s section for a cool t-shirt!

Today I’m going to Amsterdam with Amber to take a lot pictures for my blog and Instagram. Are you already following me on Instagram? I’m really like to connect with my followers on Instagram. So follow me and we can be Instagram buddies :). I hoped you liked this fashion blogpost and do you want to know me even better? Then check out my latest video: “Get to know me tag”. I want to wish you a very nice weekend and see you Monday!

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