Last weekend I went to Amsterdam with my friend Amber. We both love making photographs but also being a “model”. So the perfect way to combine that is too make photographs from each other. We made a lot of fun cute pics in Amsterdam. I already posted a blogpost about Instagram Hotspot in Amsterdam, you can find it here.

We wanted to rent a bike at the NS station. It’s less then four euro’s to rent a OV-bike for a whole day but if you want that you need a Ov- Chipcard. I don’t have one anymore because I never travel with the train. Luckily Amber had one, so I could get a bike on her card. It was a very sunny day last Saturday, that means a lot of people in Amsterdam. When we walked to the Bike shop we already saw that there was a queue. Twenty minutes later we finally could get a bike but then we found out we had to activate something on the card. We tried to activate it on Amber’s phone but after more then 30 mins the website crashed. We could started over again… When we tried that they said we tried to many times and we have to wait for an hour. Very disappointed we decided walk to the places we wanted to go.

We really wanted to go Sticky Fingers, a super cute pink restaurant but that was way to for away. So we decided to skip that and go to “De Pijp”. It’s a cute neighbourhood with cute houses and cafe’s. There was also the famous instagram wall “Wake me up when I’m famous”. We made some pictures of course at the cute wall and then we walked back to the train station.

We also made a lot of pictures at the beautiful canals in Amsterdam. It was a very fun day but also exhausting. Tomorrow I’m going to Eindhoven with Amber to make more fun pictures! For all the duchies out there, I vlogged last weekend. You can find the vlog here. I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel.  Have a nice weekend!

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