Hello wanderers, welcome back to another Travel Monday. Today I’m going to talk about something very spectacular. If you see this pictures, you probably thinking, is this real or photoshopped? Yes it’s all real and you can find these amazing places in Yellowstone National Park in United States. Do you want to know more about Yellowstone and why you should visit it? Then keep on reading. 

Yellowstone National Park is a national park in the United States. It was the world’s first national park. United States President Ulysses S. Grant signed a law to create it. The name was token from the Yellowstone River, which flows through the park. Yellowstone is famous for its geyser and hot springs. The prak contains about half the world’s geysers.  The world’s most famous geyser, the Old faithful Geyser, is also located in Yellowstone National park. The first thing we saw was that geyser and we had to wait 20 min before it would burst out and WOW it was insane. The water went so high and you could feel the heat. I still can’t believe it’s just nature that created this and not humans. Also the hot springs with the rainbow colours was just incredible to see. The water has those colours because of bacteria’s  that live in the water. I could watch it for hours but there was so much to see! 

Yellowstone is also a home to grizzly bears. wolves, bisons and elks. On the way to the geyser we saw a freaking bear and a lot of bisons. The bear was just insane to see. They looked so cute but don’t forget they’re very dangerous. First we saw a mommy bear with two little bears and some couple minutes later a mommy bear with one little bear. It was so cool to see! 

This beautiful National Park has so much things to see, that I’m going to talk about muds pots and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone next week. I hoped you liked this blogpost and also check out my youtube video if you want to see the geyser and hot springs. See you next week! 

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