You probably already know that I love to make pictures. I’m lucky that I have some friends who like it too, so we can make pictures together. I love to make pictures for my Instagram and my blog. On Saturday I had a sleepover at Amber’s house. We wanted to make some pictures in front of a white wall. First we moved the couch but it was to dark inside because it was already 7 pm. I didn’t bring my speed light so we had to change our plans. I walked outside in to the garden and I saw the perfect white wall. This was so much better because we had more light outside! We made a lot of cute pics and had so much fun! When we were done we edited the pictures and we cry laughed because of our idiot pictures. Every time I do a photoshoot there is always one picture that’s ugly or funny haha! That night we also played singstar on her PlayStation. That’s also one of our favorites things to do when we’re together! It was just such a nice day/night.

The next day I went to Nationalpark Eifel in Germany with Eva. It was a 1,5 hour drive but it was definitely worth it! It seemed like we were on vacation, so beautiful. Pretty mountains, the beautiful trees and the sunshine made it perfect. We had to search for a parking spot but after a couple minutes we had one. We wanted to make a picture on the top of the mountain. So we had a nice view. We didn’t know were it was so we searched for a while but we found it. And OMG iT was soooo beautiful! We made a lot of great pictures with that view. Then we went for a little walk for more pictures. After 5 mins we were in a beautiful Forrest and here we made a lot of beautiful pictures. Whilst shooting me, Eva almost fell down the hill and we cry laughed so hard! It was so funny haha. And again we had so much beautiful pictures. So happy I can share my passion with my friends! It was just the perfect weekend for me!

If you want to see the pictures from Amber look on her Instagram; amb_rx and Eva’s instagram is; evamullerij. I hope you liked it and see you soon!

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