How do you make me happy? My friends and family probably know this answer but if you don’t know it yet.. It’s giving me sun and 26 degrees. And yes I live in the rainy Netherlands but last weekend we had such nice weather.

I’m definitely a summer girl but I love the colors in autumn and the cosines of the winter but when you give me sun and such a high temperature in October, I’m the happiest! All the things I like combined.

I love to write about the fun things I do in my weekends, so that’s what I’m going to do right now! On Friday I went to my friend Jill, I know her since we were four. We don’t see each other often, but when we do it’s always so much fun! After that I went to the grocery store for some ingredients for the cupcakes that I made with Michelle. We made Apple Crumble cupcakes, and they were delicious! I love to bake but I’m eating healthier the last couples months, so I didn’t bake in a long time because it’s unhealthy. But I really like to do it, so now I treated myself to a little cupcake. We made the cupcakes with the baking video from Zoella. This was the first time I made cupcakes with icing that tasted nice! When we were done I was so proud because they looked and tasted delicious! The best autumnal cupcake evaaa!

On Sunday I made another beautiful nature walk, this time in Wageningen. We walked in a nature park with cows, aaah little bit scary but so much fun! There was so much beautiful nature and I love to make pictures. Since my blog is online I want to photograph everything so I can share it with you guys! I also like to make photographs because I can look back to all those beautiful memories and places. What’s your favorite thing to photograph?

Are you liking the blogpost when I write about my weekends? Please let me know! I hope you enjoyed your weekend as mush as I did and have a great week sweeties!

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