I LOVE a good romantic movie with a beautiful story. If you like romantic drama movies too than you have to read this blogpost. I made a little list with my favorite movies. Most of them are romantic but some are different!

Starting with number 1 and that’s “Dear John”. A beautiful movie by Nicholas Sparks. He makes the best stories! I have seen this movie way to much but it never gets boring. I also like it because Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfriend played the main roles. They did such a great job and they look so cute together. The movie is a love stort about a man that works as a soldier in the army and has to leave his girlfriend. His dad has autism and loves to collect coins. Watch “here” the trailer for a great impression. And if you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of Channing Tatum! I watch this movie every time I feel sad or if I just want to be comfortable. i really recommend it if you love romantic movies!

Number 2 is definitely “The best of me”. Also a beautiful story by Nicholas sparks. He is just the best, I basically love all his stories haha! The first time I saw this movie I cried my eyes out. This is also a love story about a girl and a boy falling in love as a teenager. The boy comes from a bad family and ends up in jail. They lost contact and after twenty years the finally meet again and just fall back in love! It makes me emotional every time I see it. Watch the trailer “here”!

Number 3 is something different but I really like this one. It’s the movie “Avatar”. This is a fantasy movie. Normally I don’t like fantasy but this movie is made very beautiful. It’s just if you are in another world. I also love the story behind this movie. You really have to watch the trailer for an impression. Watch it “here”.

Number 4 and 5 are Disney movies. Frozen and Vaiana, I can’t choose which one I like more! Frozen is a story about a princess with magical power. She can turn everything in to ice. It’s just a perfect winter/christmas movie and I love the character Olaf. He’s so adorable! Watch the trailer “here”. Vaiana is a movie about a girl that loves the sea and wants to sail but isn’t aloud to because her family thinks it’s dangerous. I really like this movie because I like the sea and I really understand her and wished I could live like that haha! It’s just a great story, watch the trailer “here”.

I think I will end my list here because I love way to many movies but these are definitely my favorites ones! Let me know if you have seen one of these movies and what you think about them. And please let me know your favorite movies so I have something new to watch. I hope you liked it and see you soon!

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