Hello sweeties, I’m writing this with so much enthusiasm. Zoella is a youtuber and blogger with 12 million subscribes, she is my biggest inspiration. The first youtube video I watched about beauty was from Zoella and I liked her so much that I never stopped watching her. Now are her vlogs my favourite because I LOVE everything she does and her enthusiasm about life and her humor.

She also has her own beauty range; Zoella Beauty. This launched back in 2014. Now three years later she has some really nice stuff. One of my favourite scent is the sweet scent from the Sweet Inspiration collection. BUT this year she brought out two new collections. The “Jelly and Gelato” and her new Christmas range “Snowella”. Two weeks ago I bought some stuff from her Beauty Range and I’m absolutely in LOVE with it!

I start with the Jelly & Gelato collection. I ordered all the products on Feelunique. So I couldn’t smell the scent before I bought it but I watched her video’s about the products and I knew I would love them. I’m the biggest fan from sweet scents so this sounded perfect me. I bought the perfume and body pudding. The first thing what I did was smelled the perfume and OMG it’s so sweeeeeeet! The perfect summer scent. It’s already October and for now I think this scent is too sweet but when it’s summer I will definitely use it! I also used the body pudding and I really love this one. It smells so nice and dry’s very quickly. I hate the feeling of a sticky body lotion, so I was soooo happy that this wasn’t one of them. It also makes you skin feel so soft, I LOVE IT!

Now it’s time to write about the thing I’m the most excited for, her christmas range; SNOWELLA. Again I couldn’t smell this scent before I bought it. She explained her scent as a sweet and fresh scent. So I didn’t knew if I would like it. This one surprised me so much. I’m OBSESSED with this smell. I think this is one of my favourite smells she brought out. I bought her perfume and a gift set. The perfume has an freaking pompom on it, I LOVE the package of this range. So cute and beautiful. I bought the gift set; “A winter Soireé”. This has an cute velvet makeup bag with a rollerball and a hand cream in it. The rollor ball is in the same scent as the perfume, so this is the perfect thing for in my handbag. I also love handcream, even more when I like the scent of it. It makes my hands feel so soft and moisturised. I’m so happy with all the things I bought and I definitely want more stuff from her Christmas range. So I know what to put on my Christmas list this year!

I hope you liked this blogpost and let me know if you have some stuff from Zoella too? I have other products from her, if you want to see them, then let me know! See you soon cuties!

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