By the title you are probably thinking; “ it’s November?”. Yes I know.. it’s only November but the Christmas feelings are already kicking in! I have been watching Christmas movies, and listening to Christmas songs on repeat. I just can’t wait to put up the Christmas tree and all the fairy lights. I just love everything about Christmas.

I think this is one of my favorite times of the year, after summer of course. Now I was thinking, why do I love Christmas so much? I just love to decorate everything in my room and put fairy lights everywhere. It makes the room so cozy when it’s dark outside. I also just love the Christmas movies. They are just the cutest! I can spend a whole day watching them with a delicious cup of coffee and some snacks. But the most thing I like about Christmas is spending time with the people I love and buying them presents. It’s just a time full of happiness and that’s why I love it!

Yesterday I did a little Christmas photoshoot with my bunnies. Didn’t go as planned because they were just running around and around. But I still managed to make some cute pics, not very christmassy because the decoration moved because they were running. So I’m going to make some new real Christmas picture from my pets maybe with an assistant haha. I also made a cute flatlay because I love flatlays and I want to get better in it. So that’s why I made it and I love it!!

Do you love Christmas? And why do you love it?! See you soon cuties!

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