I have some exciting things planned in the month of December. I’m already in a Christmas mood and can’t wait to put the Christmas tree up! Last weekend I went shopping with my mom and I bought a Christmas mug, Christmas bathrobe and am freaking Olaf onesie. You can tell I’m a little bit obsessed. Next Saturday, 2 December, I’m going to Düsseldorf with my mom, sister and brother in law for some christmas shopping. We also went last year and I loved it! It’s just so cute with the Christmas lights and decorations.

But the thing I’m the most excited about is that I’m going to London with my boyfriend on the 16th of December. The best place to find the Christmas spirit is definitely in London. I saw some beautiful pictures on the internet. I just can’t wait to see all the beautiful places, Christmas lights and decorations. I’m going to make lots of pictures of course! And for now I’m planning this trip. So if you have some recommendations/ tips, please let me know!

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