Hello blondies, yes this is blogpost for my blondies out there. Do you know the struggle with blonde hair, that it turns yellow very fast. This is also a problem that I had for years. I tried so many silver shampoos that claimed to remove the yellow tones in my hair. But they didn’t work. So I almost gave up. But one day I was at work and I asked my colleague to which hairdresser she goes, because she has such beautiful ash/grey blonde hair. I though she dyed her hair like that, she also did that. But the main raison why her hair stayed grey/ash toned was because of a silver shampoo. So I asked which silver shampoo she is using. It is the; “Fudge clean Blonde violet Toning Shampoo”.

This shampoo removes all the yellows tone in your hair. If you have damaged hair, they warn you that your hair can turn violet. I have a little bit damaged hair at the tips but it didn’t turn violet. So be careful if your hair is really damaged. You can use a tiny amount of this shampoo and you have to let it sit for 1 to 5 minutes. I will let it sit for 5 minutes because I have a lot of hair and it was very yellow. I use this shampoo once a week and sometimes once in the two weeks. It depends how my hair looks. If I used it to much it will turn to white for me! It also makes your hair very soft, two benefits in one! What I also love about this product is that it is such a big bottle. It goes a very long way and it only cost about 15 dollars.

So all the blondies that hate the yellow tones, go buy this shampoo because I think this is the best! I hoped you liked this blogpost. While writing this I’m in such a cute coffee place with the best coffee ever! What are you doing this weekend? Please let me know, have a nice day!

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