Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Lipstick

Last weekend was Black Friday sale and of course I had to buy something. I tried to buy not to much and I think that went well. I bought a Yves Saint Laurent lipstick for 29,95 euro’s. Normally they’re 39,95 euro. So that ‘s 10 euro cheaper.

I always wanted to try a high end lipstick and with the sale was the best opportunity to buy it. I went to Ici Paris (a makeup/ perfume store in the Netherlands). I saw the beautiful package from this lipstick and I immediately knew I wanted this one. It looks and feels so luxurious. Just love the packaging.

But now let me talk about the lipstick self. I bought the color; “pink in confidence” this is an soft pink with little bit of shine in it. I think it looks so pretty and natural on the lips. It isn’t a matt lipstick because in the winter days I already have very dry lips and with matte lipstick it gets even worse. I tried this lipstick for three days and it feels so soft on the lips! Not drying at all. If you don’t eat or drink the lipstick stays on a very long time but when I eat or drink it fades away. That can maybe be a down side if you want a longwear lipstick but for me it doesn’t matter.

Would I recommend to buy it? Yes, if you are looking for a luxurious lipstick. Than this one is definitely a good one! I can’t wait to buy a matte lipstick in the summer from Yves Saint Laurent and see the difference between them. What do you think of the color? And what’s your favorite high end lipstick?

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