AAAAH I can’t believe I’m really doing blogmas. I’m absolutely obsessed with Christmas and I think the best way to share it is with blogmas. I’m going to post christmas related blogposts everyday for two weeks. It starts today and ends the day after christmas. It will be hard but I think it’s totally worth it. Today I’m writing a gift guide for you, because who isn’t struggling to find the best present for family or friends.

So let’s start with the creative presents/ centimantel persents. This can be for a man or woman. I think this kind of present is the best because you can share your feelings about the person. The first thing is; “Open when” letters. You make some different letters for someone special. You can write anything you want. I made this for my friend Eva for her birthday. I did eight letters, I listed them below;

– Open when you’re turning 21

– Open when you wanna laugh

– Open when you want to know how much I love you

– Open when your heart is broken by a stupid guy

– Open when it’s New Years Eve

– Open when it’s Christmas

– Open when you feel sad

You can choose any theme you want. I also added some pictures and quotes to the letters. Just to make it a little bit more special. I loved writing these letters because I wrote a lot about our memories and it made me so much laugh.

Another cute present what is almost the same is; the “365 jar”. This is an jar with 365 handwritten notes, each is color co-ordinated with themes. Yellow paper for moments & memories, green for quotes & lyrics and pink is for reasons why I love you. The person you give this present to can pick one paper every morning and have a nice start of the day. I think this is just the sweetest and it will make everybody happy!

Now the presents you can actually buy. Starting with the ladies, moms and grandmothers. Every woman is different, so you always have to think about what they like! Think about that when you pick a gift. I will list some things below what ladies maybe like;

– Nice fragrance

– Lush bath bombs of bubbles

– Books to read

– Candles with scent

– Makeup gift set

– Jewellery

– Cooking or baking stuff

– House decoration

– Pictures for on the wall or photo album

– A nice bag

– Weekend away

– Day away (to a fun city or something like that)

– A day at a spa/ sauna

– High thea

– Dinner

Let’s now talk about presents for the man’s, dads and grandfathers. I think these are more difficult haha. So let’s start.

– A watch

– Electronic gadget

– Fragrance

– Bottle Wine

– Bottle beer

– Weekend away

– Day away (to a fun city or something like that)

– Renting a fast car (ferrari)

– Karting

– Flying in an airplane

These are just some ideas for presents. I hope you can find a nice present for your family or friends. The easiest and the best thing is too ask them what they want. But there are always people that say; “nothing”. So I hope you now got some inspiration for a nice present. Good luck with shopping and if you have some nice gift idea’s please let me know!

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