Tonight it’s Chritstmas Eve and I thought about what I should wright here on my blog. I thought about a fun DIY but I couldn’t let christmas pass without a nice blogpost where I tell you how I really feel. 2017 has been a year with ups and downs. I had times in this year wear I felt the happiest but also times where I didn’t feel happy. The year started a little bit insecure with my job. I started working for two days as a nanny at a family with four kids. I never did this before, so I was nervous if I would like it, but now after a year I can definitely say; I don’t like it, but I LOVE it. So that was for sure a good decision. The other days I started working at a daycare, what I already knew I would like. For about three months I only worked the two days at the family. I went from 5 days working to 2 for a little time. That made me really unhappy. I never thought I would say that because I though I would like the spare time but I didn’t. Everyone was working and I was so bored. So I was happy when I began my job at the daycare.

In July I went to America and Canada with a bunch of people I didn’t know. This was the best decisions I ever made. I met so much new people and became best friends with Lisanne. From the first meeting we immediately knew that we were going to be friends, but I never thought we would be so close, so quickly. I had the best time with her in America and Canada. We laughed, cried and danced the whole trip. I saw beautiful things, that I never thought I would see. The beautiful mountains, nature and freaking bears in the wild. It was just an experience I will never forget!

Throughout the whole year I did so much fun things with my friends and family. After my grandma passed away in november 2016, I decided to live my life how I wanted to. I went to Pinkpop a festival in the Netherlands. There I saw Justin Bieber again and Martin Garrix that definitely stole the show. It is still the best party I have ever been and I hope I will go again this year. I also went to a festival in Amsterdam with Michelle. This was called; Vestival, and R&B festival. This was my second favorite. I enjoyed it so much. We saw Conor Maynard, Trey Songz and lot’s more. Throughout the whole year I partied more then ever. I never liked it but now I do. It was just so much fun.

I also went this year to Paris with Esmee. This was also so much fun. This was my first time in Paris and I really liked it. The Eifel tower was just a beauty haha. We saw so much beautiful things there. And last weekend I went to London with my boyfriend Matthijs. I’m the girl that thought I would be single forever because I never liked the guys I met. There was always something why it didn’t work. So at one point I basically gave up and then… It happened haha! I met him on the internet and I really though he would be the perfect guy, but so scared that in real life he would be different. I still remember it like it was yesterday; I drove 1,5 hour to a guy I never met (sounds ridiculous), so nervous. But when I saw him, he was even cuter than I thought. We just had a click and it felt good from the beginning. We talked so much and kind off thought the same way. I thought he would never like me, because in the past when I liked a boy, he did not like me back. Sometimes I still can’t believe it. I’m so happy that I met him. Yes he lives 1,5 hour away from me but it’s worth every car drive to him. I can’t wait to do a lot of great things with him and make beautiful memories. London was just the beginning.

Now I will end this blogpost otherwise this blogpost is very long haha. But the thing I want to say with this is that I’m thankful for every moment in 2017. Thankful for the new people I met, thankful for the great memories and not to forgot thankful for the people that helped me with my blog. Without them it would have never succeeded. Celine from Celine’s lab (chek her out on instagram and fb), she made my website, logo and just everything I needed for my blog. But I’m most thankful for Eva, one of my best friends. Before I post each blogpost I send them to her and she checks the grammar, because my English isn’t always that good haha. Without her I DEFINITELY wouldn’t succeed, THANKYOU SO MUCH! I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas. I hope you will enjoy this lovely time of the year with your family and friends! See you tomorrow again.

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