Wauw Christmas is already over and the end of the year is coming. I can’t believe how fast this year went by. I really had a great time the last days. Maybe a little busy, but totally worth it.

I decided to end blogmas at day twelve because I wanted to enjoy Christmas time with my family and not have to worry about my blog. We started this year early with Christmas. On Friday the 22th of December I celebrated Christmas at my aunt and uncle with my family. My aunt is the best cook ever and made us a delicious Christmas diner. Every year I’m blown away from all the delicious things she makes! On Saturday we went back to Wageningen (me and my boyfriend). He had a birthday/ Christmas party with friends. Everyone made a little dish and this also became a very delicious diner! On Sunday we had to drive back to Limburg to celebrate Christmas Eve with my family (mom, dad, sister and brother in law). We did “stone grilling” and give each other gifts! This was just a relaxed family day. Last but not least, we went back to Wageningen to the family from Matthijs. This was the first time I met them. I was kind of nervous at the beginning but that was gone very quickly. Everyone in the family also made different dishes and we just had another great diner. I just had the best days en I enjoyed every moment off it. Today I only had to work till 1 pm, so now I’m laying in my bed because I’m so tired! Lucky that I can sleep a little bit after those busy days.

What did you do with Christmas? Did you celebrate it with friends or family? And did you enjoyed it? Please let me know! See you soon sweeties!

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  • My dear Wendy, thank you …. thank you sooooooooo much !!! Just read your last xmas-blog and that made me so happy … Love to cook you know, and every year it’s my favorite time-spending searching recipes for the “Vanthoortjes Christmas Diner” I really enjoy this time ( starting at the first bad weather day after the summervacation … I know i’m a fool ) from september untill XMASS So Patrick and i hope this tradition will follow for years and years . We love when our family’s sitting together at the xmas-dish eating , talking and laughing … the most wunderfull time of the year ❤️ …. Fantastic to see that your xmas this year was a very good one ⭐️⭐️⭐️ So let’s go … up to a happy 2018 !!! How many days it is untill xmas next year