Tomorrow is the big day. Everybody is going to celebrate New Year’s Eve, including me! I’m going to celebrate it with my boyfriend and his friends. I’m already really excited and can’t wait for all the things that will happen in 2018. I’m going to write down my New Years resolutions, curious if I will succeed them.

So let’s start with the most cliche thing. Eating healthy and going to the gym! Yes I know everybody says that and nobody does it, BUT I know I can do it. Last year I lost about 8 kg and I never thought I could do that. Lately I have been eating unhealty because of Christmas and just the winter months in general. So I gained weight and lost some muscle because the last couple weeks I’m not training at all. So I decided to work my butt off in 2018. Maybe I’m going to write some blogposts about if you like that!

My second thing is a really big thing. I’m still thinking about it but I’m more enthusiastic than ever before. I want to start a real YouTube channel. Where I’m talking and posting every week. More and more people are telling me that I have to start a YouTube channel. So that made me think about it a lot… I still find it terrifying but I think I also would enjoyed it so much! What do you think? Should I do it?! Please let me know! (Note from Eva: do it!)

My third thing is to make more photographs. Just going somewhere and just take pictures all day long. I always enjoyed doing it. And to make a scrapbook. I recently printed all my pictures from 2017 with the app LaLaLab. I really recommend it. Last week I finally found a scrapbook that I liked! It’s just so pretty! I will make a blogpost or maybe a video about my scrapbook when it’s finished!

My fourth and also my last thing is to enjoy my life even more! Do more things I like; going to festivals, shopping in bigger city’s, traveling more and just spending time with my friends and family. Can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring me!

I want to wish you all an incredible 2018 and a happy new year! If you have any goals for yourself, write them down and let’s do this together. We’re stronger together then you are on your own and never forget if you really want something you can achieve it! Ooh and these pictures I made two years ago with Eva.


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