Did you see those pictures? Aren’t they the cutest thing on earth?! My friend Jill gets a puppy in March and yesterday we went visit them. We gave them food and pet them. I could watch them all day long. They’re the cutest thing one earth. I always loved pugs and to see them that little made me fall in love even more. They are two weeks old, almost three. They’re just opened there eyes, soooo cute. I made a couple pictures because I like to make pictures from animals and they have some nice pictures now. I made this with my Nikon D5200 with the 18-55 mm lens. It wasn’t planned to make some pictures. If I would know that I brought my macro lens. With that lens you can see way more detail. It also was a little bit difficult to make those pictures, because there wasn’t enough light. But with some different settings and editing I think I still have some couple cute picutures! What you think about it?!

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