Hello sweeties, welcome to the first Adventure Friday addition. Today I’m going to talk about the first acrobatic completion from this year. For the people who doesn’t know it, I’m coaching the girls from the acrobatic gymnastics club. I did it self for years but know I’m enjoying it as a coach.

Three times a week, 2,5 hours are the girls training for this competition. We practiced the dance routine, all the elements and did a lot of power training. The worked hard and they were all ready for this first competition. For almost all the couple it was there very first time on a acrobatic competition. So they were a little bit nervous, totally normal. I as a coach was also a little bit nervous for them haha. We started the day at 8 am with the three youngest girls. They did an amazing job and achieved the third place. So proud off them and a great start of the day!

The second were two ‘new’ girls. They never did an acrobatic competition and they achieved a freaking first place! The third team were three nervous girls. I knew they could do it but they were a little bit nervous. Totally unnecessary because they achieved the first place!

The fourth team were two girls that were very insecure because one of the girl had a injury. The last weeks they couldn’t train as much as the other girls. But the last training went very well and I knew they could do it. At the beginning it went a little bit wrong. The biggest girl had to jump above the little girl but her skirt bumped to the bun of the little girl. The little girl had to cry because she though she couldn’t do it. BUT she finished the routine and even with a smile. I’m so proud of her. That takes so much courage for a little girl and they finished the routine very well. They even received a second place! That will show you to never gave up.

Last but no means least this team did also a great job. For both the girls it was the very first time and they did I really good job. They achieved also a freaking first place. I knew they could do it and I’m so proud of all the girls. About 9 pm the competition was ended. It was a very long but fun day. Know we’re going to train even harder for the next competition in February.

If you want to see some video’s or pictures from this competition than go the instagram from our club, click here. I hoped you liked it and see you soon!

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