Hello pretty ladies, welcome to this first prettylicious serie. This week I’m going to talk about a waterproof liquid eyeliner from Mac Cosmetics. Have you tried a lot of waterproofs eyeliners but they still were smudging? Then I have the one for you.

I tried so many waterproofs liquid eyeliners but the all smudge or fade away. I always had one from the drugstore but it was so annoying. One time I walked to the Mac store and I asked if they had a waterproof liquid eyeliner. They said they had one and this one is really waterproof and it would stay all day long. It’s the “ Point Black Liquidlast Liner Eyeliner”. It costs 20 euro’s and you can buy it here.

The first time I used it I though hmmm… The application with the pencil was a little bit hard in the beginning. But now after a few times I’m used to the pencil and I get a very sharp thin line. This eyeliner is definitely waterproof. It stays all day long, without smudging or fading away. Even with just a makeup wipe you don’t get this eyeliner form your eye. Maybe if you rub really hard but that’s not good for your eyes. I use a oily based eye makeup remover and then you just can wipe it away. I definitely would recommend it if you’re looking for a really good black watereproof eyeliner. It’s definitely worth the price.

What’s your favourite eyeliner? Let me know in the comments or use my hashtag! I started a new hashtag for all the beauty queens out there. I would like to see some pictures from your beauty looks and probably other people too! So let’s use #prettyliciously for creating a positive beauty community on Instagram!

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