Welcome back to another adventure friday. Last weekend I had a sleepover with my friend Michelle and her son Jay. It’s been way toooo long ago when I saw her. So I was really excited to finally see her! On Saturday we went to the Primark in Eindhoven. They had so many cute stuff, but I had a budget.. I only bought the things I really liked and needed. If you want to see a shoplog, please let me know. After our shopping trip we went back home and ordered PIZZAAAA! Did you when I was a kid I hated pizza and now it’s one of my favourite meal to eat, so funny how that changed!

On Sunday we had another fun thing plannend. We went to the zoo; ZooParc Overloon. I always love going to the zoo and bring my camera. What I like the most, is when I managed to make a really close-up picture from they animal. Love to see all the details. This I managed to that with a Lion, one of my favourite animals. We were staying behind a glass and first the Lion was just chilling there in the sun but when Jay walked to the glass and touched it, the lion went crazy. He was licking his face ( see picture) and when Jay touched the glass he jumped and scratch the glass. I think he wanted to eat him haha, lucky that we were behind the glass! After a couple hours we went home because it was soooo cold!

I had such a fun weekend with them and I just love doing stuff like this! What do you like to do in your weekend? Please let me know in the comments.

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