Hello wanderers, welcome to week three. Today i’m going to talk about a beautiful park in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It’s called Xcaret. You can experience the culture and nature of Mexico. You can go eat in a nice buffet restaurant with delicious food. Cool off in the underground rivers and relax at the beach with dolphins as view. Who doesn’t want that?!

When we went to this park we didn’t know what to expect. We paid 130 dollar for the entrance and food. I know it’s a lot off money, but it’s totally worth it. The park was so beautiful. Everything was decorated and just looked like a real jungle. We started the day with a walk threw the butterfly and birds village. They were flying around in the prettiest nature. The butterfly’s even came sitting on your hand or on your leg haha. That was a little bit scary but so cool! I enjoyed every moment of it and we made a lots of pictures. After enjoying the beautiful nature and animals we went exploring the beach. It was still very early in the morning so nobody was there yet. Because of that we could made some beautiful pictures on the beach!

The thing I was the most excited about was snorkelling in the underground rivers. It was such a cool experience. Swimming threw and under the rocks.  I became totally relaxed when we did that. Can’t describe how beautiful it was. I can say the word “beautiful” a hundred time because it just was so beautiful haha! After that really cool swimming, we wanted a break. We were exhausted and hungry. So we went for a lunch in the cutest restaurant. After that lunch we went to the beach because I had a really bad headache. I had to relax for some minutes.

The coolest thing was that the beach connected with the dolpin area. So you could watch the dolphins in your rubber band. I really got emotional when I saw people swimming with dolphins, because I knew that we’re going to that too at the end of the vacation. It was such a big dream from me and when I saw the dolphins I realized; dreams can come true!

The last thing we did was snorkelling in a cool snorkelling area with a lof of beautiful fishes. We saw so many fishes with the prettiest colors. I could watch it for hours. I also made a lot of videos with my underwater camera. One moment I was filming and I was shocked when I saw a ray passing by. Didn’t expect that at all. He just swam right under us. I tried to film it but I laughed because I was so happy. All the water came in my snorkelling glasses but I still managed to get the ray on camera. Soooo freaking cool!

After that we did some sunbathing and then we went to our hotel. Next week I’m going to talk about another, more active park. Hoped you liked it and see you next week!

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