Hello wanderers, this week in the Travel Monday Serie it goes about the amazing adventure park XPLOR in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I had so much fun here with my friend Esmee. What can you do here? Let me tell you that:

  • Fly on the highest Zip-lines in Cancun and Reviera Maya. They had two parkours. One was longer but slower and one was shorter but faster. Both were amazing and we were on the Zip-line for more then 2 hours.
  • Feel the speed driving an Amphibious Vehicle Through the Jungle. This was for me definitely the funniest thing to do. We cry laughed so much whilst doing this. I didn’t excpect it to be so much fun. Definitely worth it.
  • Cross the underground world by swimming or paddling. We did both. One swimming underground parkour and one paddling parcour. It was so beautiful and relaxed. The paddling was kind of hard though haha, but still so much fun!
  • Hammock Splash; That one was also so much fun and just a fun easy thing to do!

When you decided to go this park you pay 130 dollar for a whole day of doing this fun activity’s and also unlimited snacks and buffet meal. It’s a lot of money but totally worth it. You can enjoy your self a whole day here!  You also can your ticket only here. If you didn’t know I also made a video from my trip to Mexico, included a lots of videos from the Xplor park. You can find it here. I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and let me know if you have been there and what you think about it!

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