Last Sunday I went with Matthijs and his father and stepmother to Burgers Zoo in Arnhem. I don’t know anymore if I have been there when I was little but I definitely couldn’t remember it. So I was very excited to go to this “new” zoo for me. They had so much fun and cute animals, but because of the cold we couldn’t see my favourite animals (tiger, giraffe, zebra etc.) They gave us a free coffee and pastry instead, very nice from them!

What I liked the most were the inside parts. They had the Desert, Mangrove, Bush and Oceon. It was so beautiful to see all this creations and it was very warm in there. So that was perfect for the cold weather. I liked the Bush and Mangrove the most. It looked like the jungle and I lOVE the jungle. We had so much fun and the day flew by.

I wanted to share all this pictures with you that I made with my Nikon D5200. I also sharing a lot of pictures on my photography facebook page and instagram. So definitely go check that out. Let me know what you think about the pictures! See you Friday!

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