I was thinking; what could I post on Friday? I have some outfit pitcures but I did already a fashion Friday last Friday. I always like to share some more personal things. So that’s why I decided to post 10 things about me you that you didn’t know. Are you curious? Let’s go!

1) When I was little I hated pizza but now it’s my favorite meal too eat!

2) The first time I flew in a airplane was in 2016

3) I almost don’t drink alcohol (sometimes a cocktail on vacation or something like that)

4) I was 19 when I graduated and I’m already three years working (TIME FLY’S)

5) I was four years single before I met Matthijs. I almost gave up in love but deep down I knew my dream guy exist and I happy that I found him!

6) One of my favorite animal is a donkey. When I say that people are always laughing but they’re just so freaking cute and my dream is too own one.

7) I never liked going in a bath until I discovered the lush products and it makes it so much more fun. Now I have a bath at least once a week.

8) Before I had my driving license I was scared to death to drive but now I can’t imagine me without a car. I’m not scared at all and I drive a lot!

9) I don’t wear perfume everyday just because I’m just to lazy to walk upstairs where my perfume stack is.

10) Before I started my blog my English was rubbish. My friend Eva helped me a lot with teaching me the gramma from the English language. I still make mistakes and don’t know all the words, BUT it gets better and better!

And do you feel you know me now a little bit better? If you still have some questions please leave a comment and maybe one day I will do a Q&A and answer all of your questions. What is one thing probably know one knows about you? I hoped you liked and want to wish you a very nice weekend. See you Monday!

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