Welcome back to this fifth edition from my Travel Monday series. Today will be the last travel blogpost about Mexico. This is a very special one for me because I’m going to talk about my dream that came true.

We planned to go swimming with Dolphins at the end of our vacation because we wanted to end with something very cool! Since I was little I always wanted to swim with dolphins but it’s so expensive I never did it but know I saved enough money for it. We asked the hotel were we could book this at how much it costed. We got a folder with lots of information in it. First we wanted to swim with dolphin with a whole group because it’s cheaper. But after thinking and thinking we decided to do a “Couple Swim”. This means just the two of us with the dolphin for one hour. This was the best dicision we made!

Finally it’s so far! The day that my dream came true. I was so nervous and mostly so happy before I was in the water. I remember so good when the man came pick us up and bringing us to the dolpin. With a coincidence we had a dutch girl who worked there with the dolphin. So we could speak Dutch. That made me even more happier because I could ask a lot questions that I maybe didn’t do in English because my English isn’t that good. Then was finally the moment we could get in the water. When the dolphin came I just could cry from happiness, but I didn’t. The first 10 minutes we could just touch the dolphin and I enjoyed every second. We also got pushed by two dolphins at our feet. That was such a cool thing to do. After that we also hold the fin from the dolphin and swim with him. I could feel the strength from the dolphin. In just a few seconds I went so fast. Can’t describe how I felt. We did so much fun things with the dolphins and that 1 hour flew by.

I really loved swimming with the dolpin and it made me the happiest girl in the world. The feeling that my dream came true was just amazing. Can’t wait for my other dreams come true. This was already the last blogpost about Mexico. Next week I will talk about my other adventures that I made. I hoped you like it and I see you Wednesday with another new blogpost (a blogpost what I’m very proud of).

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