Today I’m talking about something I’m really proud of. My first collaboration! Two weeks ago I got an email from Fotofrabiek with the question if I wanted to create a photo book and write a review about it. So that’s what I’m going to do today!

Before you start creating your photo book  you can choose the size. I decided to make an A4 book because I like a really big book. You also can choose what kind of paper you want. So much to choose from! When you pick your size you can start create your photo book. You can choose between online or a program for creating it. I downloaded the program because it said it had more options but when I opened it I didn’t know where to start, too much options haha! So I decided to create it online.

Before I started I already edited and chose the pictures that I wanted to use. So the only thing I had to do was placing them in the photo album. The uploading was very fast. Big plus for me because I hate waiting. You can choose templates for fitting  4, 6, 8  pictures on one page. I almost didn’t used that because I like to have big pictures so you can really see the pictures. You also can choose stickers and stuff like that. But I personally don’t like that. I like very clean and simple photo books because I want the focus to be on the photographs. So that’s what I did! After 1 hour, maybe even faster, I was already done with making this fun photo book about my trip to Canada and America.

It took about a week to receive my photo book. I think that’s very fast. I was so happy to open the packaging and finally see my photo book. I’m really happy and very surprised about the quality. It looks beautiful and feels very nice. I’m so happy that I did this collab and actually like it! So definitely would recommend this website for ordering a photo book. You can order it here. Let me know what you think about it!

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