Hello wanders, today a little bit different blogpost then normal because I want to share with you where I’m going on vacation this year with the love of my life.

We have been looking for a while now. We didn’t know where to go. We started with Cape Verde. It looked very beautiful but there is not much to do there. So then we looked for Greece. But Matthijs and I already have been there and the places where we never been before where way to expensive. So then we were looking at hotels in Tenerife. We had found some good and nice hotel for a very good price. But we couldn’t book yet because we had to wait for the new passport from Matthijs. When he finally received his new passport I wanted to book but the good price was already gone. It was now soooo much more expensive now that I said for that price we go somewhere that is prettier. So I first looked at Mexico but I have been there before so I didn’t want to go back yet. Then I saw a very beautiful hotel in the Dominican Republic for a very good price.

I did a little bit research about the Dominican Republic and I admittedly fell in love with the place. Last Friday we finally booked our trip. In June we’re going to the freaking Dominican Republic. I was just the happiest girl and I can’t wait to be away for 13 days in this paradise with my love. If you ever been there and have some tips please let me know! Next week I will talk about some fun hotspots in Amsterdam. See you next week.

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