I’m writing this blogpost because my boyfriend lives 1,5 hour with the car away from me. With the train it’s even more then 3 hours.. It’s not a really long distance relationship but it’s still to for away to see each other often. I got a lot of questions from people if it’s difficult and why. So that’s where I’m going to talk about today.

Let me first start with all the good sides:

– We’re looking forward to see each other in the weekend!

– When we’re together we’re spending a lot of time together because we know I have to go on Monday back home for work.

– Because we don’t see each other that much I give and receive a lot of love.

– Mostly I’m going to Wageningen because he has in own apartment and I have a car. So it’s easier if I go there and I really like to explore the city. Wageningen is near by the Veluwe and that is such a beautiful place in the Netherlands. Can’t wait to explore more this summer!

– Sometimes I got a really vacation feeling because it’s different then Limburg and I have to pack my suitcase.

Now let me talk about the bad sides from a long distance relationship:

– Only seeing each other in the weekend. Sometimes from Friday night till Monday morning but also something only Sunday. I found it very difficult when I’m only seeing him for one day..

– The long drive can be annoying sometimes. And living out a suitcase is even more annoying because I’m always searching for stuff.

– Meeting with our family our friends together can be difficult because of the distance.

– Someone has to move in the future when we want to live together.

– And the hardest thing is just missing him!

Now you see that list you probably thinking; is it worth it? Definitely, because he makes so happy! Even when I’m back home, we talk a lot by WhatsApp and FaceTime. I wouldn’t change it for a million because I love him way to much and in the future the distance will be gone. He is just my lover and best friend! I hope you liked this blogpost and let me know if you also have a long distance relationship and how you feel about it!

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