Hello wanderers, welcome back to another Travel Monday. I’m really loving this series and I’m happy that you’re loving it too. I’m currently writing this in my bikini, OMG I love this beautiful weather waaaay to much! Now back to business, today I’m going to talk about two beautiful lakes in Canada, Lake Louise and Moraine Lake.

As you probably already know I went last year on a two week roadtrip to Canada and America. If you want to know where and why I booked this trip, then checkout “this” blogpost. The first day we went to Columbia Icefield and the Athabasca waterfalls, that was amazing. You can find the blogpost about Columbia Icefield “here” , and about the Athabasca Falls “here”. Now let’s start talking about those two beautiful lakes.

Our day started at Lake Louise. I already saw a lot of beautiful pictures online, so I was sooo excited to go there. We had to park at a parking place about 10 mins away from the lake, because it was to busy to park over there. Luckily they offered a free drive with a shuttle bus and it was a freaking yellow school bus. I was the happiest girl on the world. Another thing that I can scratch from my bucket list. In the bus there was a lady that told some story’s about people who came too close to the bears, trying to take a photograph. Stupid idea because they’re waaay too dangerous. We still hadn’t seen a bear yet, but hopefully we will!

After 10 minutes we arrived at Lake Louise. We had to wait for some other people from our group to arrive, perfect time to make some beautiful pictures, so that’s what Lisanne and I did. For the outsider it must have looked like a complete photoshoot haha. Happy we did that because the lake is very beautiful, so that means great pictures! When finally everyone arrived we started a hike. Our first hike so I was really excited to explore the nature. I kept looking at the beautiful lake and the view was mind blowing. After some km walking we saw some little squirrels. They were so cuteeeeee, wish I could bring one home haha! After some km walking I got really tired feet so I really wanted to go back. I also wanted to see Moraine lake that was near by. The last shuttle back to our car would leave at 6, so I walked with Kevin (a boy where I was sitting in the car with Lisanne and Luka). We just made it on time so we could get the car. We picked up Luka and Lisanne and went to Moraine Lake. The other people from the group where still hiking.

My sister went in June to Canada and recommended to go to Moraine Lake. So when we finally arrived it was already 7pm or maybe even later. Moraine Lake was very beautiful but not mind blowing because the sun was already setting and the water didn’t look as blue as Lake Louise. I saw the pictures from my sister and they had sunshine in it and even a little bit snow. That made it sooooo much more beautiful. The last picture is made by my sister’s boyfriend Joey, that picture is mind blowing! So I would definitely recommend to go but my advice is to go in the morning or afternoon, because when the sun hits the lake it’s just breathtaking!

I hoped you liked this blogpost about those beautiful lakes in Canada. I will see you next week with another great adventure.

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