Hello guys, I’m doing this blogpost in English so everyone can read this. A couple months ago I went on a citytrip to Berlin. I didn’t know what to expect, but I really loved it. I went with a friend of mine by car. We rented a lovely Air Bnb and stayed there from Friday till Monday. I’m going to share some tips and things to see for when you’re going to visit Berlin.

Let we start how to travel in Berlin. We went by car but in Berlin we didn’t used it. It is way to busy and parking spacing are expensive. We decided to travel by train, because our Air Bnb was located near by a train station. For tourist it only costed 24 euro for 48 hours free traveling through Berlin. You can use the train. bus or tram. They have two apps you can use how they show you how late a train or bus goes. The first one we used is called “DB Navigator”, this one is only for the trains. The other one is called “VBB Bus & Bahn”, this one is for everything. You can fill in which street you want to go and the app will tell you which train, bus or tram you need. Definitely would recommend it.

Historical buildings

Let’s start with the historical buildings you have to see. I would recommend to visit the Berlin cathedral, because it was so beautiful. It was also very busy with people, who were just enjoying life, eating some food, listening to the street artist. Just a nice place to sit and relax and watch the beautiful building.

Holocaust memorial

If you go to Berlin you have to visit the Holocaust memorial. It’s not a “nice” thing to see, because it’s a memorial in Berlin to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. The American architect Peter Eisenman designed the monument. The field with the undulating blocks evokes, according to him, a sense of disorientation and isolation and is symbolic of the experiences of the Jewish population during the Nazi regime. It’s very impressive to walk between the blocks and if you think why it’s build it’s even more impressive.

Charlie Checkpoint

Another impressive thing you have to see is the Charlie Checkpoint. It’s located in the Fehrenstrasse. This was the crossing point between East Berlin and and West Berlin during the Cold war. I couldn’t imagine that you can’t walk to the east or west from Berlin. I’m so happy we live in freedom and can go wherever we want!

Reichstag and the Brandenburger Tor

Another thing you can visit is the “Reichstag” and the “Brandenburger Tor”. It’s near by the Berlin Cathedral. It’s nice to see and also cute for making pictures. Also a lot of people and just a nice place to be.

East side Gallery

Also another thing you have to see is the East side Gallery. It’s very impressive but also beautiful to see. I still can’t imagine the wall was there for real and you can’t cross it. We made a lot of pictures but also though about why this wall is standing here.

Potzdammer platz

Two nice things you have to visit is Potzdammer platz. There is also the Sony center located and beautiful high buildings. Kind of looking like a little New York haha. If you like shopping you have to go Alexanderplatz. There are many shops located and shopping malls. We also ate there a pizza with Coca Cola for only 6 euro, and it tasted delicious.

I hope you liked this blogpost about some highlights you can visit in Berlin. Let me know if you ever been there and now some other nice places to visit in Berlin!

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