About Me

Do you want to know more about makeup and fashion than this is the place to be! I want to inspire you with the things I do in my life, so you can enjoy your life even more! I hope you are as excited as I am for my blog! If you are please join me on my journey.

Now you are wondering who I am? I’m a Dutch girl, named Wendy. I’m 22 years old and I love to write and making photographs. It’s the perfect way to combine those things for my blog! So welcome to my world ‘Wendeliciously”. I’m excited to share the things I like in my life and how I feel. I love reading blogs of course, watching YouTube and Netflix, traveling, photography, makeup, fashion, baking, Disney, gymnastics, being active, spending time with family and friends and going to the sea with a beautiful sunshine of course!

Beside my blog I also work at a daycare with children’s, from new newborn to four years old. Every time I go to work I go with so much passion and love. If I a see a little kid smile about the littlest thing, that’s what makes my day! They learn you to be happy with nothing. In the evening I also work as a coach at acrobatic gymnastics. I did it myself for years but I got older and my body couldn’t handle it any more. That’s why I decided to coach the kids and still be a part of the acrobatic gymnastics club!

These are all the things I could think about to tell you about me! I hope you like it and you’re going to enjoy the ‘wendeliciously’ family!